Extraordinary healings

Roy. Rife's pulsed high frequency

Briefly, it is a technique which differs from the previous one in terms of tension levels used and impulse emissions being constantly (+) ou constantly (-).Briefly, it is a technique which differs from the previous one in terms of tension levels used and impulse emissions being constantly (+) ou constantly (-).

The case of Dr Roy Rife is controversial. There has been some reticence to mention him since his ideas appear to have diverged to mercantilism. Besides, his researches and methods being misunderstood, have given way to paranoiac and frenzied attitudes from anti-medicine supporters and universal plotters against unrecognized genii. Whatever the case, it is in the 20s/30s that he finalized a machine meant to rid cancerous cells of inclusions which, he believed, were viruses causing the disease, in order to restore the cells back to a normal state.

It is a complex transmitter which, at low frequency, generates impulses of high frequency at very high tension; such impulses being (+) or (-) on account of the superposed position of the continuous field. The whole is carried into a large neon bulb which distributes the composite electric field.

Hereunder, an example of diagram and appearance of resulting electric impulses.

The treatment bulb contains neon. It radiates an electric field created

By HF impulses (about 11.8 or 23.6 mhz) superimposed to a constantly positive or constantly negative field. Therefore there is never inversion of the latter. The whole being pulsed at low frequency and very straight front.

Appearance of impulses on Rife's apparatus

That American practitioner has been a victim of harassment - undeniably - hence, evoking the legend of an "Establishment" plot as generally advocated by inventors yearning for recognition. It is nonetheless true that, being particularly prolific and rigorous, he had, like Priore, established the construction of his equipment probably on the basis of erroneous hypotheses, which equipment has been successful in treating and sometimes healing incurable diseases. This can be evidenced by various physicians who have used his equipment.

1932 was the time of success for Lakhovsky at De la Salpétrière Hospital. A study of his equipment revealed quite a number of astonishing similarities with Rife's apparatus. 1932, extraordinary coincidence as both men are unknown to each other, and it is also the year when a series of sixteen patients suffering cancer in terminal phase, are treated by R. Rife. These patients were chosen by a committee of doctors for their desperate condition and treated under the committee's supervision three minutes every day (which appears extremely short). Three months later, fourteen of them were declared clinically cured by a committee of five doctors!!! Neck cancers, stomach cancers as big as oranges had totally disappeared! During the following years, more victories over cancers, tuberculosis, ulcers etc. were obtained (we find here conventional indications of pulsed electromagnetic waves). As for Rife, all he got from these extraordinary events was... a lawsuit which led to his downfall (see JP Lentin's well documented piece of work "Ces ondes qui tuent et qui soignent" meaning Waves that kill and heal - Ed. Albin Michel).

Although too good and hard to believe, this is a story with testimonials from numerous witnesses among whom, doctors who participated in the treatments. From the viewpoint of authorities concerned, the cause of grievance is the usual one: the experiments have not been conducted in accordance with standard statistical rules. Was there an alternative?

We ourselves would not have mentioned that story as it sounds so incredible. Such a high percentage rate of success is unbelievable! But the reference was deemed useful following a detailed study of the equipment whose concept revealed characteristic similarities with those of Lakhovsky and Priore (twenty years later) at a time when they ignored each other's existence. Common traits are to be found in their respective destiny as well. All three realized astounding results, had to face the hostility of the scientific community, died in abandonment just the same way. In short, the three of them were relentless experimenters more concerned about improving their achievements than establishing a concept.

The hostility expressed by a majority of the medical corps is understandable considering that behind the scenes of cancerology, numerous crankies of all sorts are busy advocating, in the name of a self-declared truth, the rejection of proven therapeutics. Even so when they are not prompted by mercantilism. So far, they have contributed to no advancement at all. Furthermore, we need to admit that it is not easy to readily accept that some isolated individuals, pathetically equipped and acting off their own bat, have come to success where highly prominent men have failed. Yet, it is regretful that such a tiny group of physicians came to be puzzled by those results beyond expectation

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